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Exchange Color Data consistently across the supply chain in CxF-X4 format including the spectral data of your special color.

Clarico-3 Columans Style 1

Extended color gamut

Optimized production with multi-primary printing and color management technologies for extended color gamut application.

Multi-Color Profiling

multi-color profiling

The most advanced profiling tools to create multicolor profiles up to 10 channels. Two Gamut Extending Colors between two Primaries.

Color Server

automated color workflow

Automated color management workflows for color conversion PDF to PDF, including ink saving, transparencies, spot colors and more.

Pantone Live


Have instantaneous global access to your customers' brand palettes to ensure that the right colors and expectations are communicated.

Press Color Control

press color control

Unique adaptive incremental algorithm per key & substrate. Stabilize & standardize production, Hit your color targets and stay there.