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ENGLISH - QPFM250 Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheets / Proofing

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QPFM250 Technical data sheet

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2. © 2020 CMA IMAGING. All right reserved. Trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective o wners. Key features & benefits → One paper to certify all standards: FOGRA 39/51 or GRACoL ® 2006/2013 without paper simulation required. Certify towards custom target profiles and other standards with paper simulation. → 100% of the solid coated library below 1.5 ∆E00 with the latest CMA software technologies. → Outstanding stability and color consistency. → Superior ink load absorption for extended gamut and instant dry capabilities. → Deluxe “look and feel” flatmatt surface simulating best match production stock. → Backside anti-curling layer. → Exceptional brightness value of L*97.2 which increases substantially the color gamut. → Perfect fit for PantoneLIVE ® . → Ideal for Digital Ink DrawDowns & ColorCards. Standard Formats Available in rolls of 43.2cm (17in), 61.0cm (24in), 111.8cm (44in) width, 45 meters (150ft) length, 3in core. Optimum results with CMA software Quantum proofing The etymology from the word “Quantum”comes form the Latin “Quantus” meaning “how great”. CMA Quantum ® Proofing paper encompass the latest generation of premium inkjet coating surpassing other proofing papers. Universal compatibility The QPFM250 has been designed to smoothly integrate your current workflows. It is compatible with HP ® , Canon ® , Epson ® devices and leading RIP software with a set of profiles supplied by CMA or generic calibration profiles available from RIP vendors. Handling, calibration and storage Recommended storage conditions: cool and dry at a temperature of 15 – 25°C (59 – 77°F) and at a relative humidity of 30 – 60% rH. For the best consistency, before using and printing, a preconditioning period of 24 hours is recommended within the printing room environment. It is recommended at least 5 minutes drying time before measuring the color charts to achieve minimal ∆E during the calibration process. Protect the material from direct sunlight. ONE - PAPER - FITS -ALL « Plug & Print » seamless integration with existing high-end proofing systems. QPFM250 Software for advanced color management proofing applications → CMA ColorPack high-end proofing RIP software. → CMA ColorMatch numerical spectral solver for spot color matching. → CMA ColorPrediction spectral prediction for digital ink drawdowns. Brand owners, advertising agencies, packaging design, fashion, pre-media, printers and converters will be able to color proof with consistency on a FOGRA certified proofing paper, exclusively made and available from CMA. For quality and security recognition purposes QPFM250 is backprinted with CMA and FOGRA logo. BELGIUM 13BIS, Avenue de l’industrie | B-1420 Braine l’Alleud | Belgium LUXEMBOURG 11, Boulevard Royal | L-2449 | Luxembourg SWITZERLAND Route de l’Ancienne Papeterie | CH-1723 Marly | Switzerland USA 1430 S. Dixie Highway | Suite 321 | Coral Gables | Florida 33146 | USA [email protected]

1. The industry’s best performing multi-standard proofing paper QPFM250. One paper fits all. Ideal for all commercial and packaging proofing applications. Advanced multi-layer structure hybrid nanotechnologies State-of-the-art inkjet receiving layer encompassing the latest development in hybrid nanotechnologies. It is the result of decades of market experience, competences in inkjet media technologies, material science, chemical formulation and color science. QPFM250 // PRODUCT SPECIFICATION WEIGHT [gram/m2] 250 THICKNESS [micron/mil] 247 / 9.7 TINT M0 (i1Pro2) L* 97.1, a* +0.2, b* -3.1 TINT M1 (i1Pro2) L* 97.2, a* +0.4, b* -4.8 OBA INDEX [b*(M2) - b*(M1)] 5.5 (moderate) GLOSS [60°] 19% (flatmatt surface) OPACITY [%] above 95 Superior inkloading inkjet nanoporous multilayers Frontside PE coating & tint controlling layer FSC ® photo-quality raw base paper Backside PE anti-curling layer with security logo Antistatic & friction controlling backcoat QUALITY. SERVICE. PRICE.


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