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The presentation includes fundamental information of the CMA Quantum Proofing Paper, the technical benefits and uniqueness to cover all sorts of proofing applications. Quantum Proofing comes from decades of expertise in physical chemistry and color science. Contact us if you have any questions [email protected]

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NANO TECHNOLOGY Advanced Hybrid Multi-Layer Structure

NEW IN 2020: PROBABLY THE BEST PROOFING PAPER IN THE WORLD New Quantum Proofing The industry’s best performing multi-standard nanoporous inkjet proofing paper One paper fits all

ONE - PAPER -FITS- ALL Plug & Print

About Quantum Proofing One-Paper-Fits-All Nano-Technology Product Specification CMA Software Contact Us 3

State-of-the-art inkjet receiving layer Latest development in hybrid nanotechnologies 12 Frontside PE coating & tint controlling layer Antistatic & friction controlling backcoat FSC ® photo-quality raw base paper Superior ink loading inkjet nanoporous multilayers Backside PE anti-curling layer with security logo

Quantum proofing paper 250 flatmatt Order online, shipping in 24h • QPFM250 is available immediately. • Distribution centres: 1 in Europe and 4 in USA. • Automated supply chain, track your orders online. • Create your account: sign up now 15

Key features and benefits Premium multi-standard nanoporous inkjet proofing paper • Calibrate with M0 or M1 filter, using leading spectro devices. • Certify FOGRA 39/51 and GRACoL 06/13 proofs without paper simulation required. • Certify all other standards with paper simulation. • Certify towards custom standard profiles. • The best proofing paper for Extended Color Gamut. 8

Contact us Buy now or request your sample pack Gerardo Cerros CEO & Founder [email protected] Europe: +32 487 613 110 USA: +1 201 603-3648 Click here to follow us

Universal compatibility Premium technical support The QPFM250 has been designed to smoothly integrate your current workflows. It is compatible with industry leading RIP software and a set of profiles supplied by CMA or generic calibration profile available from RIP vendors. Diego Gianoli // Technical Director Together with its application specialist team, Diego is an highly skilled color engineer that will deliver support to integrate seamlessly QPFM250 in your production workflow. The CMA technical team is proficient in all leading RIP Software and workflows such as GMG, EFI, ESKO, ORIS and more. 16 [email protected]

CMA ColorPack Advanced Color Management RIP Software NEW CMA ColorMatch Numerical Spectral Solver for Spot Color Matching NEW CMA ColorPrediction Spectral Color Prediction for Digital Ink Drawdowns and ColorCards

Contact us Buy now or request your sample pack Valentine Mahieux Head of Customer Service [email protected] Europe: +32 2 899 89 90 USA: +1 201 603-3648 Click here to follow us

Quantum Proofing: the origin Decades of expertise in physical chemistry and color science Dr. Pierre-Alain Brugger // Head of Inkjet Media Design Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. With over 25 years of imaging expertise, Pierre has been leading the inkjet material technology development for imaging, proofing and other inkjet applications, either for wide format, for aqueous dye and pigmented inks, as well as non-aqueous eco-solvent ink application. Gerardo Cerros // CEO Solution Architect with 20 years experience in color science, color management, pre-media, digital and conventional printing, industrial color standardization. Gerardo founded CMA in 2006 with the aim to design & integrate best-in-class digital solutions for proofing and packaging printing applications offering the highest color reproduction accuracy.

Key features and benefits cont’ Advanced multi-layer structure hybrid nanotechnologies • Outstanding stability and color consistency. • Superior ink load absorption for extended gamut and instant dry capabilities. • Deluxe “look and feel” flatmatt surface simulating best match production stock. • Backside anti-curling layer. • Backprint CMA and FOGRA logo for quality recognition. Designed for commercial and packaging proofing FOGRA certified proofing paper • Target groups are: brand owners, advertising agencies, packaging design, fashion, pre-media, ink manufacturers, printers and converters. • Seamless integration with your existing workflow. Compatible with industry leading RIP software with a set of profiles supplied by CMA or generic calibration profile available from RIP vendors. • One paper to certify all standards and to reproduce consistently spot colors. • Highly competitive pricing and advanced color management technical support from CMA. • Exclusively made and available from CMA. 6 32809 Proof Substrate Increase Quality $ Reduce Cost

Key features and benefits cont’ 100% spot colors below 1.5 ∆ E00 • Exceptional brightness value of L*97.2 which increases substantially the color gamut. • 100% of the solid coated library below 1.5 Δ E00. (on Epson P9000-V with CMA ColorPack & CMA ColorMatch) • Perfect fit with PantoneLIVE ® . • Ideal for Digital Ink DrawDowns & ColorCards. 9

Quantum proofing paper 250 flatmatt Product code: QPFM250 • Samples available in A4 and roll 17in (0.432m) x 33ft (10m). 14 SKU Width Length QPFM2501745 17in 0.432m 150ft 45m QPFM2502445 24in 0.610m 150ft 45m QPFM2504445 44in 1.118m 150ft 45m • Ordering high volume? contact us for a special discount.

CMA Premium Proofing Supplies Proofing & Prototyping 19 Code Name Description PPFM235 PANTONE® ColorPack Proofing Paper by CMA IMAGING High OBA Flatmatt Proofing for Fogra 51/52 PPMA230 CMA Contract Proofing Matte Coated Paper High OBA Matte Proofing for Fogra 52 Code Name Description CORFTR30 CMA ColorPack Transfer Film Ultra Clear Thermal transfer film direct to stock prototyping COVSIKIT CMA Extended Gamut Eco-Sol ink CMA CMYKOGV & Silver ink for Roland VSi Need more information? Contact us or visit our website Water-based inkjet Eco-solvent inkjet

Quantum proofing paper 250 flatmatt Product code: QPFM250 13 Nanoporous Inkjet paper Largest Color gamut Calibrate with M1 or M0 filter PRODUCT SPECIFICATION WEIGHT [gram/m 2 ] 250 THICKNESS [micron/mil] 247 / 9.7 TINT M0 (i1Pro2) L* 97.1, a* +0.2, b* -3.1 TINT M1 (i1Pro2) L* 97.2, a* +0.4, b* -4.8 OBA INDEX [b*(M2) - b*(M1)] 5.5 (moderate) GLOSS [60°] 19% (flatmatt surface) OPACITY [%] above 95


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