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Material Science & Physical Chemistry

dr pierre-alain brugger

material science & physical chemistry

  •  Support in layer design, surface chemical modification and use of nanoparticles
  •  Polymer, binder and metal oxide coatings identify performance improvement and technology paths
  •  Suggest manufacturing process, when applicable
  •  Identify color management issues related with surface effects

Technology audit and methodology

 Our technology audit is a method of investigation aiming at the evaluation of the (a) technological capacity, (b) procedures, and (c) needs of a company. The technology audit will be carried out by experienced CMA IMAGING expert, Dr P.A. Brugger, in close collaboration with the management and staff of your company. It will identify the strong points and those points to improve through the characterization and general assessment of the company’s know how, following the need and commercial strategy. 

It is based on the structure: data collection - analysis - synthesis - report.

After successful completion it will result in a process of analysis, which leads to concrete proposals (action plan). This action plan will lead to technological improvement, acquisition of needed technologies or expertise. It is a starting point for further company development supported by the management of the company.

The general aim of the technology audit is to evaluate the capacity of the company to integrate new technologies, work with technological partners and better define what they need to successfully integrate these manufacturing technologies into the company.


about dr pierre-alain brugger

Pierre-Alain Brugger received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL / ETHL).

He joined Ilford in 1985 as a silver halide chemist and project leader for the famous Cibachrome Silver Dye Bleach display materials.

Since 1996, Pierre has been leading the inkjet material technology development  for  imaging, proofing, screen print or minilab inkjet applications, either for narrow or wide format, for aqueous dye and pigmented inks, as well as non-aqueous eco-solvent ink application.

With over 25 year of imaging expertise, Pierre can link the technical opportunities of novel media to the customer needs either at CMA Imaging, or for external companies in his role of consultant. 

Competences in inkjet media technologies, material science and chemical formulation. 25 years experience, that speed your product development, go faster on the market and finally… save your costs !